Our Most Memorable Performances Are Yours - Support Jefferson Center


At Jefferson Center, we believe the arts play an essential role in teaching young people about the world and the people with whom they share it.

With the most diverse arts programming in the area, we aim to harness the power of the arts to change lives.

With our Sisters of the Circle, Music Lab, Music Lab Floyd, Hip Hop Project, Jazz Institute and Song Project programs we have created a model for the future that better prepares our young people to serve the community they call home.

It truly is a new era in arts education. The interaction between the professional touring artist and the young aspiring musicians from our community is opening doors and creating opportunities. Offering insight and support so that they believe in the power of their own voice, these experiences ensure that they can be heard through the art and music that they are creating.

If you are interested in learning more about supporting these amazing programs or if you have a child who could find their voice at Jefferson Center, please contact Jordan Harman, Education & Outreach Coordinator jharman[at]jeffcenter[dot]org.